What does a Ketogenic Diet Do For Cancer?

One chronic disease that is wreaking the health care is cancer. Even though tremendous advancements have been made in the field of medicine and health care, there is no permanent cure for cancer. Many people get frustrated when they see their loved ones dying slowly because of cancer. After all, cancer treatment through chemotherapy or radiation is not affordable for everyone. However, a new form of cancer treatment is available and it is affordable up to a great extent. The treatment is provided through Ketogenic Diet. Studies have shown that Ketogenic diet for cancer patients have proved helpful in weakening the cancer cells and killing them eventually. What is A Ketogenic Diet? Ketogenic diet is a diet which consists of a low amount of protein, very low amount of carbohydrates and high amount of fat in it. Premise of Ketogenic Diet A strict Ketogenic diet that calls for reducing the carbohydrate and replacing it with healthy fats and protein can help to treat cancer. The premise upon which these diet works is that cancer cells for their survival need glucose. Carbohydrates get transformed into glucose inside the body. But when the amount of carbohydrates get reduced it drastically lowers down the glucose level in the blood. Thereby, the cancer cells starts to stave. At the same time, low amount of protein intake also reduces the chance of cancer cell growth. How The Diet Helps Cancer Patients? Ketogenic diet for cancer patients can work in a great way and it can literally prevent cancer cells from growing. Well, the effect of Ketogenic diet on cancer cells can be traced in the process through which cells make energy in order to survive. You know that normal cells make energy by burning down glucose or sugar in the pathway referred to as glycolysis. Glycolysis produces products which are responsible for feeding the mitochondria. The main job of mitochondria is to regulate the production of ATP. The energy source of the cells is ATP. In order to stay alive, cells need to produce ATP. However, when a cell is not able to produce a high amount of ATP it becomes suicidal. In order to produce ATP, cancer cells need to depend on glycolysis. They do it by fermenting glucose into lactate. The lactate that is produced is recycled into glucose that is used in the glycolytic pathway inside the cancer cells. So it can be seen glucose is crucial for the survival of cancer cells. Hence, it can be stated that cancer cells become helpless when it is subjected to Ketogenic diet. The Ketogenic diet for cancer patients lowers down the glucose in blood. A normal cell, when deprived of glucose, can switch to ketone bodies for getting fuel.  But cancer cells don’t have that level of flexibility. This leads the cancer cells to come under metabolic stress. Faced with energy shortage leads to the starvation of cancer cells. Eventually, the cancer cells die. Mainstream cancer treatments being expensive, are forcing many people to switch to Ketogenic diet. People who want to treat their cancer follows Ketogenic diet for cancer and makes the cancer cells starve to death.